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How To Lose A Client In 5 Easy Steps

Edited: April 2023

Stay Interview Toolkit


From thousands of client feedback interviews conducted, CFU identified that the #1 reason clients discontinue working with a firm is due to a failure of client service. Take a closer look at your approach to each interaction with your clients. Are you steering clear of these pitfalls?

Clients will change professional services providers when:

1) Project updates are unsatisfactory.


“I was never really sure what was going on with the project. This was very frustrating and embarrassing because I had to give weekly updates to the Board and I never felt 100% prepared.”

Thought Question: Is your communication timely, thorough and meeting clients’ needs?

2) It’s hard to reach their point of contact.


“I could not easily get through to my point of contact. I just got his voice mail.”

Thought Question: Do each of your clients have a second point of contact if needed?

3) The firm makes changes without notifying them.


“The Board was dismayed at the changes made without our input. It was irresponsible of them.”
“We learned that our PM was no longer with the firm when we called to ask him a question.”

Thought Question: What protocols do you have in place to ensure clients are kept in the loop?

4) Follow through is unreliable.


“All the PM had to do was call to let me know what the delay was. I worried the whole weekend what was going on.”

Thought Question: Don’t leave anyone hanging. Always let them know you haven’t forgotten them.

5) The firm dismisses their input and concerns.


“I never felt the PM or the firm cared about the project. Yes, it was small for them but we had more work to give them.”

Thought Question: What attitude do you present to your clients? Do they feel you are working in partnership with them and that their project is important to you?

THE TAKE-AWAY - Proactive communication and working in partnership with clients builds trust and keeps clients returning to your firm.


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