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Exit Interviews

Encourage Honest, Constructive Feedback

Identify the nuanced and hidden reasons for an employee’s departure and gain valuable insights into their work experience and your culture.


100% of employees want their opinions to be heard and valued and can become frustrated if company leadership is not open to their input.


The Problem We Address

Employees leave a firm for a variety of valid reasons. Some are preventable and some are not. Employees do not always feel comfortable speaking candidly to leadership about the experiences that prompted them to leave. You remain unaware of many of the actual causes of employee turnover.

Why This Matters

Losing key employees is disruptive and costly. Without truly knowing why someone left, you are unable to implement the changes necessary to create the type of environment where employees are enthused to work and contribute longterm.

Our Solution

Utilize CFU’s conversational-style qualitative telephone interviews to learn what former employees were not comfortable sharing directly with a manager or your HR department. Get employees’ straightforward and detailed feedback explaining why they decided to leave your organization and what, if anything, could have been done to change their minds.

What Your Firm Gains

With a clear understanding of why employees left your organization, you have the information you need to address issues whether they are with individuals or culturally widespread. With these situations resolved, you can improve your work environment, decrease staff migration, and progress on firm footing toward your growth goals.


Shaking Hands

Ready to get actionable feedback and insights?

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