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Client Exit Interview

Client Service Communication Training

Communication Drives Client Service

Enhance your team members’ communication skills to help them navigate challenging conversations and relationships.

Companies that excel at customer experience have 1.5 times more engaged employees than less customer-focused companies.

The Problem We Address

Communicating with clients can be challenging given the range of clients’ technical knowledge and experience and the multifaceted dynamics in relationships. Not being aware of these inherent differences and adapting to them can create significant miscommunications and negatively impact projects, relationships, and potentially, the long-term stability of your firm.

Why This Matters

Great communication drives client service, and client service drives business success.

Our Solution

CFU draws on its 26 years of conducting qualitative client interviews to advise your teams on the key components of effective communication and how to navigate challenging circumstances and conversations. CFU will design a client service communication training program tailored to your needs.

What Your Firm Gains

When communication from all teams firm wide is outstanding, your firm benefits with better
project outcomes, increased client confidence, and a reputation that elevates you above your

Shaking Hands

Ready to get actionable feedback and insights?

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