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Post-Mergers & Acquisitions Client Interviews

Tailored, Actionable, Conversational

Identify any concerns your newly acquired clients may have about the state of their projects.


84% of companies that work to improve their customer experience report an increase in their revenue.

The Problem We Address

You have acquired a firm and transitioned its clients to your firm’s processes and people. With this shift in management, the new clients may be concerned that their project will be lost in the shuffle of the transition and negatively impacted.

Why This Matters

Clients want to feel that their business is valued and their projects are in good hands. If they perceive that their project is not a priority or if they have concerns that are going unaddressed, even relatively minor issues can mushroom into larger issues at a cost to both your internal resources and your firm’s reputation.

Our Solution

Utilize CFU’s conversation-style qualitative interview services to identify the questions and concerns of your newly acquired clients while providing a unique client experience that demonstrates your firm’s priority focus on clients and meeting their needs.

What Your Firm Gains

Reaching out to newly acquired clients through an independent but personal telephone interview sends the message that meeting clients’ needs is your first priority. With the information gained, you can address issues uncovered and begin solidifying relationships.


Shaking Hands

Ready to get actionable feedback and insights?

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