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Lost Sale Debrief Interviews

Transparent, Actionable Feedback

Identify the reasons why you did not win a proposal or why a well-established client has decreased the amount of work they are giving your firm.

66% of companies compete on customer experience, up from just 36% in 2010.

The Problem We Address

You were not awarded a contract after submitting what you thought was a solid proposal. Or you realize you are receiving much less work from a well-established customer while they are giving a substantial amount of work to others.

Why This Matters

Competition for business is intense. Not winning a proposal or losing business from existing customers not only have immediate bottom-line impacts but could indicate shortcomings in your proposals or client service delivery.

Our Solution

Utilize CFU’s conversation-style qualitative interview services to learn why you did not win a contract or why some clients have decreased the amount of work they are giving you. Gain insights into where a proposal missed the mark and your firm’s strengths and weaknesses according to clients’ and prospective clients’ perspectives.

What Your Firm Gains

With the perceptions of clients and prospective clients identified, you can align proposals to suit their specific priorities and strengthen your competitive advantage to win more projects. Or if losing business from existing clients, you can address their perceived shortcomings and regain their business and trust.


Lost Sale Debrief Interview Questions

Shaking Hands

Ready to get actionable feedback and insights?

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