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Exit Interview Outsourcing

Proven Employee Retention Services

Transform Feedback into Revenue

Replacing a full-time employee can cost up to 2x the amount of that employee’s annual salary.

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CFU’s independent and personal process will obtain employee insights that you cannot get internally. We uncover areas of workplace dissatisfaction that may be causing employee migration. We identify steps to take to improve satisfaction to increase employee retention rates and overall morale. CFU also identifies areas where the company excels so you can continue building upon those strengths.

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Stay Interviews

Instead of waiting for employees to leave and then learning why they were not happy, CFU’s stay interviews provide real-time feedback about employees’ perceptions of company culture, their job satisfaction, and areas that you can improve to increase employee retention.

Exit Interviews

CFU will identify the reasons for an employee's departure, what, if anything, could have been done to keep them, and any hidden systemic issues that may be contributing to staff migration. You will gain insight into your workforce and areas to improve to retain your valued employees.


See samples of the deliverables we develop for you.


See sample interview questions and an action plan template to get started.

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