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Exit Interview Consultants

Powerful Client
Retention Services

Transform Feedback into Revenue

Companies with superior customer experience bring in 5.7 times more revenue. 

Just a 2% increase in client retention equals a 10% cut in costs.




With a fluid, conversational, and personal approach, we obtain candid feedback and insights that you cannot get internally. We then provide executive-level analysis of the improvements your clients say they need. You benefit with increased client loyalty, retention, and referrals.

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Client Experience Interviews

Learn from your clients’ perspectives if your client service consistently meets their expectations, and if not, what improvements are needed to strengthen your relationships with them.

Lost Sale Debrief Interviews

Identify the reasons why you did not win a contract or why a well-established client has decreased the amount of work they are giving you.

Post-M&A Client Interviews

Following a merger or acquisition, learn if the clients of your newly acquired firm have any concerns about the leadership transition and its impact to their projects.

Client Care Program Development

Develop the internal framework for your team to follow so you can deliver consistently effective client service firm wide.

Client Service Communication Training

Enhance your team’s communication skills to help them prevent communication breakdowns, navigate challenging conversations, and strengthen client relationships.


See samples of the deliverables we develop for you.


See sample interview questions and an action plan template to get started.

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