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Exit Interviews and Employee Retention

Stay Interviews

Uncover Important Insights Before It’s Too Late

We create a safe environment for your current employees to give candid insights into job satisfaction, work experience, and career aspirations.

Only 12% of employees actually leave an organization for more money.

The Problem We Address

Your firm is dedicated to creating a culture where employees feel motivated to fully engage in their work, are rewarded for doing so, and are committed to growing with your firm. You do not, however, have an objective way to know from employees’ perspectives if you have created that environment.

Why This Matters

Employee turnover greatly affects productivity, morale, and financial resources. It is imperative to know what circumstances might prompt employees to leave your firm and what motivates them to stay and continue to advance.

Our Solution

Utilize CFU’s conversational-style qualitative telephone interviews to give employees an opportunity to share their candid opinions about working with your firm. Talking to a friendly and independent third party garners information that is often not shared directly with a firm. Uncover which aspects of your firm’s culture employees especially like and any flash points of discontentment that might push or pull them away from your firm.

What Your Firm Gains

With an enlightened understanding of employees’ perspectives of the pros and cons of working at your firm, you can build on aspects of your workforce culture that inspire and motivate employees to engage and flourish. Likewise, you can improve areas employees perceive as barriers to productivity, satisfaction, and longevity with your firm.


Shaking Hands

Ready to get actionable feedback and insights?

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