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Customer Follow Up, Inc. Featured in National Publication

Marc Warren, President and co-founder of Customer Follow Up, Inc. (CFU), is featured in the latest edition of Construction Executive. The article, "The Truth About Brand Marketing," ( builds a strong argument for a company making its client service its most significant brand differentiator. While the article is written for large general contractors, engineering, architectural and construction management firms, the concepts are applicable to any business that considers the quality of their customer service to be integral to their success.

CFU (, founded in 1997, is expert in assessing the relationship between their clients and the customers their clients provide services to through conducting conversational-style qualitative telephone interviews. CFU garners independent and objective customer feedback that internal or web-based methods to obtain feedback miss. CFU's executive-level analysis identifies customer service failures, successes, and calls to action for the company to take to elevate their customer service and stand out from their competition.


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