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Why Client Service is the Key to Increasing Revenue and Decreasing Risk

In today’s market of fierce buyer demands and endless competitive options for professional services, client
service can no longer be overlooked as an important part of a company’s success. If your firm misses the ....

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Does service Excellence Pay?

Does Service Excellence Pay?

I've long been a passionate advocate for the value of delivering exceptional client service. My research and experience lead me to believe that service excellence is the best differentiation strategy available to the average A/E firm. That's because most firms are so, well, average when it comes to serving their clients. A passion for service excellence is hardly common in our industry...

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Are We Clear About Client Service?

Are We Clear About Client Service?

Several years ago, the company I worked for decided to add this statement to its core values: "Our top operating commitment is to set the industry standard for service." This begged the question: What then is the current standard? We hired a consultant to find the answer by surveying a set of existing and prospective clients within our core markets...

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